About Bad Enough Dudes

Bad Enough Dudes is a blog that chronicles the journey of two brothers through (mostly) retro video games. The brothers are old, don't have as much time to play as they'd like, and can't keep up with the industry. But, when called upon to save the Earth, rescue a princess, or set a mediocre high score, they're still just bad enough to serve in such a capacity.

While the focus on the blog is primarily video games, some other pop culture talk is likely to sneak into the conversation from time to time. You've been warned.

The Brothers (and Authors)


Craig is a nostalgia addict. Always trying to recapture the glory and excitement of past experiences. And with video games, he much prefers playing games from his past rather than modern day releases. Games that he loves, and sometimes, games that are incredibly frustrating. But at least the games generally have very basic control schemes.

Nostalgia also factors into his other creative endeavor, A Cure for the Common Craig. A horror, trash, sci-fi, action movie podcast.


Brian is a graphic designer and web developer in his professional life. You might also know him from the comics he creates under the Big Skink Tales label. He's had video games in his household for as long as he can remember, so let's face it—it's a hobby that's not going away. But, he likes games so much that simply playing them isn't enough—he has to write about them, too! Overachiever.

Brian has long wanted to journal about his adventure through gaming, and after dabbling in games talk in other personal blogs here and there, he is finally all-in.