Who are these guys, anyways?

Mayor of Ass-Kicking. Population: You

Will (Editor-in-Chief)

Will serves as Editor-in-Chief of Bad Enough Dudes. At least, that is the face he shows to the public.  When the sun goes down, and the mean streets come alive with the cries of the innocents seeking justice, Will’s real work begins. Travelling down each and every dark alley, punching and kicking his way to the right, Will brings justice to the streets of the big city. He one day hopes to make the streets as safe to live on as they are to eat food off of. To quote Will: “That turkey looks delicious! Who leaves a fully cooked turkey sitting out in an alley? Oh no, ninjas!”

He can utterly decimate you with a glance.

Drew (Senior Editor)

From the far off lands of the Wood of Holly, Drew is on a life-long quest to reach level 99 by completing tedious and repetitive tasks in an effort to become the most powerful being, who has no real skill to speak of. Each night, his quest is stayed so that he might enlighten the common man with his refined technique for repeatedly starting a game without ever reaching its conclusion. Also, he has final approval of all posts, and can pretty much say whatever he wants about anyone. (Ed. Help us! He beats us daily! Hel— I mean, I love serving Drew. I would never speak ill of him!)


He fights for the Users. Or possibly money. Actually, probably money.

Shane (Contributing Editor)

Fired in disgrace from his last job as Dungeon Master-for-Hire, Shane came to Bad Enough Dudes for a fresh start and a way to make ends meet. He was so enthusiastic, no one had the heart to tell him he wasn’t actually getting paid. Nowadays he provides the Dudes with hilarious yet frightening tales of his upbringing as an adorable, plucky street urchin.


—===Bad Enough Dudes Reserve===—


Warrior Poet. That means he can kill you in iambic pentameter.

Jon (Contributing Editor)

Adding a touch of class to the proceedings is Jon. Jon has been gaming since he was about 5 years old, when he was old enough to hold an NES controller and start schooling noobs. Whether it’s RPGs, Action titles or first-person shooters, he is ready to unleash the cold fury of his gaming skills. Should the unlikely event of his defeat occur, Jon is ready with a menagerie of insults that only an English major can provide.



A mysquestniddle?

Matt (Contributing Editor)

No one knows who he is, or where he came from, or how he got access to the site, but posts have been appearing under his name since the inception of Bad Enough Dudes. A cypher, a question, an enigma, a mystery …. a cyphigstery.