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    If you didn’t catch the show live, here’s your chance to make up for your failure!


    • Capcom celebrates it’s 25th anniversary and to mark the occasion, they’re putting $500,000 up for grabs
    • Fresh off the high of releasing their new title Syndicate, developer Starbreeze culls 25 employees from their ranks, marking the continuation of a disturbing industry trend of shedding employees post-release.
    • Kickstarter is getting crowded as more and more and more companies are finding the crowd-sourced funding method a viable alternative to cuddling up with a publisher.
    • It’s still an open question as to whether we’re alone out there, but EA is pressing the UK government to tell what it knows, with a petition on it’s official site. But it’s not all fun and games for ME3 this week, as the announcement of Day 1 DLC content has a lot of gamers sharpening their pitchforks, and lighting their torches.
    Will brings us more fun in Pandora this week; no, it’s not a trailer for an Avatar game, it’s Borderlands 2! Meanwhile, on another far-flung planet, Shane shows off the cool machine mayhem coming up in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.
    Oscar traffic waylaid our guest this week, so Will and Shane shared stories of their early gaming days, while the chat asked them questions about their industry goals. And Will explained how he somehow actually managed to get to the roof in that godforsaken NES Ghostbusters game.


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