• Now Loading Drinking Game!

    Posted on March 17, 2012 by Staff in Bloggings.


    Watch Now Loading LIVE, Saturday nights at 8pm Pacific!

    This game can be played either with a regular glass/bottle beverage, or shots. “Drink” means a solid swig, no sipping! If you’re under 21 years of age, be sure to use an appropriate beverage for this game, such as apple juice from a sippy cup.

    • Whenever the 8-bit versions of Will and Shane appear, drink.
    • Whenever Shane adjusts his glasses, drink.
    • Whenever Shane adjusts his glasses and then scratches his nose, drink twice.
    • Whenever Will claps one hand over a fist, drink.
    • Whenever you can see Will/Shane behind a splash screen, drink twice.
    • Whenever Will or Shane is looking into the wrong camera while talking, drink.
    • If Will *and* Shane are looking into the wrong camera, drink three times.
    • If you see anyone dance, drink.
    • Whenever someone says “Kickstarter”, pour a new drink
    • If someone talks about DLC, drink
    • If Shesa-Renegade asks Will to say “Hi, Mom!” drink.
    • If Will actually does say “Hi, Mom!” finish your drink (if doing shots, finish the bottle)

    TL;DR – When the show starts, chug until it’s over!