• Weekend Update: Note to Self

    Posted on April 17, 2011 by Shane in MMOs, News, Wii, WoW.


    The first rumblings of a next generation of console pre-shocked the gaming world this week, and it turns out you may be able to buy a Wii cheaper than a BlizzCon ticket, all in this week’s Weekend Update!

    • Wii Rumor Round-Up: The Internets is all a-flutter this week with talk of a possible new console from Nintendo making it’s bow at E3 this June. Kotaku was kind enough to digest all the reliable (and a few of the more zany) rumors that are making the rounds. (via Kotaku)
    • BlizzCon Tickets for $175: Blizzard will be selling their annual BlizzCon tickets online again, this year on May 21st at 10am Pacific, and a second wave will be made available on May 25th at 7pm Pacific. These traditionally sell out in a matter of minutes, so be sure to be at the ready if you plan on trying to get in. (via Destructoid)
    • Tales of Graces F: Reader TJ spotted what may be an import of interest – Tales of Graces F, part of the epic Tales of series, is making a long-awaited port to North America. It’s currently only slated for the Wii, and there’s no date announced. (via Tips)
    • Wii Price Drop?: Not to be outdone by it’s potential offspring’s rumor mill, word of a potential drop in price to $150 for the Wii is now beginning to swirl. Interestingly, big box retailers like Best Buy and Target have quickly adjusted their prices to $170 ahead of the announced cut, to stop a decline in sales while people wait for the full price slash. (via Engadet)
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